How to start making amigurumi toys

Amigurumi is the art of crocheting small stuffed animals or characters. This is a very popular and trending hobby as there are uncountable things you can make that are cute and perfect for your kids to play with. Amigurumis can also be the perfect gift to your significant other, or just a piece you can make to decorate your home with handmade crafts.

Is amigurumi easy for beginners?

Yes! Amigurumis are perfect for beginners because they are quick and easy to make. You only need to know some basic stitching and techniques to get started with.

The best part is that the internet offers you free educational resources such as youtube videos and blog tutorials that you can follow along.

Photo by Ximenna de Leon

For Example, take a look at this video tutorial from Crochet with Yarnhild, she has a lot of video tips and tutorials that will help you get better at crocheting along the way.


I would recommend you get started by following along with youtube videos as watching the process of making them might be a little easy on you meanwhile you get used to the vocabulary and terms of crochet.

Get your crochet supplies

As a beginner, you might not know what things are necessary to buy for your first project. Don’t worry! Here is a list of all the essentials and some things to know about each material you’ll need to get started:

Yarn: There are so many options of yarn out there. They vary in color, texture, smoothness, and thickness. However, since you are a beginner I would recommend you choose a type of yarn that is uniform in thickness.

I recommend starting with acrylic yarn because it is the most affordable, stretchier, and hypoallergenic yarn there is on the market. You can get them at Walmart or at any crafts store.

Acrylic yarns will give you a more defined stitch, and the material last longer (since it is essentially plastic) so it will be susceptible to wear and tear.

You can wash all your projects on the washer machine and they will look just as new.

Crochet Hooks for amigurumi need to be smaller than the recommended sizes listed on each yarn label. However, if you go too small, your stitching will look very tight and feel rough, but if you go too big your stitching will be loose and have holes.

So how do you know what size of hook you need for the yarn you have? Take a look at the Amigurumi Hook Size & Yarn Weight Guide. This is a great resource to determine whether or not you are using the correct hook.

Yarn Crochet Needle is helpful when attaching pieces of your amigurumi together or weaving in ends. There are many sizes to them so it is just a matter of preferences.

Safety eyes are perfect if you are crocheting an amigurumi for a kid. They have a backer that goes inside your work that kids will not be able to pull out. Within other materials, you will need stuffing and scissors.

Let’s Start With the Basics of Crochet!

It can be kind of daunting when you don’t know the terminology of crochet so yet again I recommend watching tutorials about it. Start with the very basics like how to make a slip knot, a chain, a single crochet, and magic ring. Here is a small walk through of how to do it so you can practice as much as you need to:

Slip Knot: You will need to start by making a Slip Knot. You do this by extending your palm, putting the tail of yarn in front and the working yarn on the back. Loop the working yarn around your index and middle finger, creating an “X” shape (the working yarn should be above the tail).

Step 1
Step 2

Keep your crochet hook facing upward. Slip the crochet hook between your index finger and the yarn. Hook working yarn and pass it bellow tail. Now pull the tail until tighten. (See images below)

Step 3
Step 4

Chain: Start by making a Slip Knot. Insert you hook facing upwards, then yarn over the hook and pull through the loop you made with your slip knot. Repeat step until necessary.

Step 1
Step 3
Step 2
Step 4

Single Crochet: I will use the chains I’ve made in the previous explanation. Count two chains down the last one you made, insert your hook on the second. Once hook is in, yarn over and pull through, you should have two loops on your hook. The last step is to yarn over and pull through those two remaining loops.

Magic Ring: You will repeat steps one through three from the slip knot explanation. Instead of pulling the tail as the last step you will grab your crochet hook facing upward and insert it below the “X”, then, yarn over and pull a loop. Yarn over again, pull through and tighten the knot. You should have a circle.

Be Patient and Practice

Just as with everything in life, getting better at crocheting an amigurumi takes time and patience, don’t rush it! Enjoy the learning process, the more mistakes you make the more you learn what to do and not do on your next project.

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